Deaf Awareness Training

Do you want to make your service more accessible to deaf people? If so, here are some benefits to our bespoke Deaf Awareness training

Once staff members have attended our deaf awareness training course, you will be ensuring that your organisation will:

  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge and understanding of effective communication with deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Provide a more accessible service to deaf and hard of hearing service users
  • Provide a better working environment for deaf employees
  • Improve customer service, leading to increased loyalty and retention
  • Show an increase in staff confidence, and therefore a reduction in frustration and embarrassment
  • Demonstrate some of the ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ required of you under the Equality Act 2010, thus reducing the potential for litigation.

We can offer the training from a short 1 hour introduction session to a full day of training. Topics covered typically includes:

As well as the areas above our deaf awareness course can be tailored to meet your individual organisations needs and include additional information.

We can also integrate the above with British Sign Language training in either a half day or full day format, so that attendees have training on Deaf Awareness and then can learn some introductory British Sign Language, tailored to your needs, so that they can communicate with your deaf customers/service users and other staff members.

All delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance, and a copy of the slides used for the training.

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If you’re thinking about doing some training, there are lots of reasons to choose NDS.

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