About NDS

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society (NDS), is a registered charity based in Forest Road West. It was formed in 1890 by a group of philanthropic church and community leaders who had a vision for a society in which all deaf people can fully participate.

NDS plays a big part in the lives of deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing people throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.

The success of the charity today is built on the wonderful history and rich culture of the deaf community. We have an enviable reputation for providing community outreach for 400 Deaf service users from their centre on Forest Road West.

We give deaf people access to a range of tailored information and support services such as welfare benefits advice, training, luncheon clubs and befriending schemes. With a team of British Sign Language Interpreters on hand to provide vital support in times of crisis and need, NDS really is a bridge between a hearing and a deaf world.

As a charity we have to raise the majority of our annual budget through income generation, grants and voluntary donations. Without fundraising donations, the charity simply wouldn’t survive.

Every year we support more than 5000 people. We:

  • Help people access welfare services and benefits
  • Provide interpreters and lipspeakers and British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting
  • Train people in BSL and Deaf Awareness Training
  • Support people through lip reading classes
  • And welcome new people to our 50+
Why Choose Us?

We deliver quality training through our excellent tutoring team. Our qualified and experienced Tutors are Deaf and use BSL as their first language. Each of them has a deep understanding of the language and culture, and teaches with a great deal of skill, knowledge and humour.

Individual learning at NDS means that you will have the unique opportunity to become involved with the Deaf community. Students are always welcome to come to our Deaf Social Club. Here you will have the chance to build confidence in your new skills by socialising with Deaf BSL users by practising signing in the best possible environment.

All our Deaf Awareness and BSL Taster courses are bespoke and can be tailored to meet your individual organisational/employee needs. Our Deaf Awareness training is aimed at organisations that want to improve the service they offer to deaf and hard of hearing people. The training aims to develop a clearer understanding of deaf culture and the difficulties deaf and hard of hearing people face.

For more information please contact us.