Training Course Bookings

How to use the Online Booking system

Please select the type of course you want and click BOOK to start the booking process. Click INFO to find out more about each course type.

Our online system is used to register for all our courses at Nottinghamshire Deaf Society. The booking process is as follows:

  1. Choose the course type from the buttons at the top (e.g. Short Courses). you will be presented with the courses currently on offer.
  2. Find the Date and Time of the course you are interested in. Click INFO to read more details about the course.
  3. Choose then number of adult and child places you would like and then click Book (The price shown is the total for all places booked).
  4. You will then proceed to the registration screen and for short courses a payment button to complete the booking.

Accredited Courses

Please note that for our accredited courses we ask for more information and there is also a 2 stage registration process:

  1. You complete all your details and submit your registration.
  2. Your booking will be reviewed and confirmed by a member of staff. In some cases we prefer to discuss any questions raised by your application in advance to ensure that the course meets your needs.
  3. Once the confirmation is sent you will need to arrange payment according to the option you have selected. A member of our team will be in touch to arrange this.

If you need further assistance with completing your booking, please get in touch.