Corporate Fundraising Ideas

26 great Ideas to inspire you… In the office


Have a fine box – donations have to be made for being the last person in from each department every morning, being late or mobiles ringing in meetings.


Hold a non-uniform, ‘dare to wear’ or dress down day each month.


Trade it up – start with a pen, use your negotiating skills and sell the final item.


Have collection boxes by the coffee machine.


Donate your last hour’s pay each quarter (easy and effective).


Dine with a difference – Everyone bring in a main or dessert one lunch time and share a buffet together as a team, donating your usual lunch money to NDS


Create a cookbook from the recipes, bind them and sell the books.


Carry out a world record attempt, e.g. longest chain of paperclips or line of coins


Organise a sweepstake for an upcoming sporting event or reality TV show.


Put together an auction of promises – promise to make tea for a week, come in to work 30 minutes earlier.


Get sponsored – to reach one of your personal goals or departmental goal.


Organise a quiz – create a ‘battle of the brains’ between departments.


Lock up your boss – with only a mobile phone to hand you cannot be released until you have raised a set amount of bail money.


Stretch a fiver challenge – grow £5 into as much as possible over a month (as a team, individually or add up a departments total).


Sponsored silence – try a morning of no talking in the office (switch your phones off – you can always call back!).


Early bird breakfast – come in early with some pastries and ask for donations.


Payroll Giving – nice and easy giving organised with your payroll department.

For the more sporty!


Organise a sports competition e.g. a football or netball tournament.


Be adventurous and try an abseil down your company building or parachute jump.


Have a team 24-hour workout or dance-a-thon.


Hold a Retro Sports Day with sack race, egg and spoon and rounders.


Have a Tug of war to decide which team is the best.


Virtual challenge in the gym – swim the channel, run to New York or cycle to the Moon (not all in one go!).


Hula-hoop keepie-uppie – who can keep going the longest?


Telly Addicts – Be inspired by your favourite TV show and host an X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Apprentice or Come Dine with Me competition


Up for the challenge – Get your friends to decide on a challenge for you to complete, then get sponsored for it.

How To Maximise Your Donations

  • Matched giving – offering to match any donations your employees make sets a great example and shows them that you are supporting their efforts.
  • Gift Aid – donations from individual tax payers are eligible for Gift Aid, which is an additional 25p in every £1. We can advise you of the best way to donate your fundraising money so that we are eligible for the Gift Aid.
  • Collection Tins – nominate a couple of people who are responsible for encouraging donations at each fundraising activity.
  • Ask for volunteers to be the charity champions to distribute emails, put up posters and be the main point of contact.
  • Set up a JustGivingpage to allow easy donations online.
  • Set a company fundraising target for everyone to reach together so you can countdown to your goal.