Deaf Awareness Week 2021

Deaf Awareness Week poster

5 Gold rules of how to communicate with deaf peopleIt’s Deaf Awareness Week 2021 – an annual awareness week to raise the profile of deafness, the deaf community and issues deaf people face from Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th May 2021.

Our mission and purpose is to empower deaf people so that their lives are enriched. Our ultimate vision is of a society that all deaf people can participate in equally – Deaf Awareness Week is a great opportunity to shout about that.

We’d love your support to spread the word.. here are 8 simple ideas of things you can do…

  1. Share ANY social media you can see this week that promotes Deaf Awareness Week – it doesn’t have to be from NDS!
  2. Use the hashtag #DAW2021 when you are sharing Deaf Awareness Week posts on social media
  3. Download and use the 5 golden rules – take them to work, share them with friends and colleagues and discuss how you could use them.
  4. Sign up to a Sign Language OR Lipreading classmore info on our classes here
  5. Sign up to our mailing list – we won’t send you emails every week but we do try and keep you updated on the latest information about NDS
  6. Volunteer your time! Could you be a befriender or do you have another skill or talent you could share with us. Get in touch for more info.
  7. Fundraise for us – at the moment we are fundraising for the repairs and refurbishment of our lift which is out of action
  8. Consider making a regular financial gift to us – you can use our partner Virgin Money Giving or contact us for more details of how to do this.

So, lets get going – its only one week so make it count. Thank you for your support!