Campaign Message

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society was formed in 1890 and this year celebrates its 125th Anniversary. In acknowledgement of this magnificent achievement we are planning a series of vibrant fund-raising events to:

  • Share the wonderful history and rich culture of the deaf community
  • Acknowledge the people who have made the organisation what it is today
  • Celebrate the enviable reputation of NDS and the work it does to support deaf people
  • Promote an inclusive community in which all deaf people can fully participate
  • Raise £125,000 ensuring NDS continues to deliver huge benefits to the deaf community

What our Chief Executive Irene Andrews says about NDS..….

“Our charity is a valuable resource to deaf people in Nottinghamshire, it has an enviable reputation for the work it does. It’s vital for us to let people know about the work we do here in Nottingham. We want to promote an inclusive community in which all deaf people can fully participate.”

How you can get involved……follow the links below to find out

  1. Help us mark this tremendous milestone by adopting NDS as your Charity of the Year (COTY) in our 125th Anniversary year
  2. Volunteer days and longer term volunteering
  3. Share skills and expertise to help us develop
  4. Organise fundraising events or join one of our fundraising events
  5. Raise awareness about what we do by joining one of our 1-2-5 events
  6. Donate to our campaign